Power tool storage cabinets

The last three weekends have not been as productive as I would have liked. I have been building power tool storage cabinets. The plans are from a magazine article and use 2X4's, pegboard and MDF. The frames are nicely done by rabbiting all the joints and glueing and screwing. The sides are Pegboard dado'd into the frame. The shelves are MDF. I'm makeing a specific place for every tool, and that is what's taking time and why I am not done yet. As you can see in the pic below, my circ saws sit on shelves with slots for the blade and guard. This allows them to rest on their bases nicely. The real casters should arrive this week. They temporarily sit on furnature dollies. My Delta Unisaw was the major tool used to make all the pieces, including ripping, rabbiting, and dado-ing.

I also visited Indy this last weekend to look at another auto lift I will buy. I wanted to see if it was built well enough and they had a showroom at their Indy dealer. It also gave me a day to hang out with my neices and their parent and grand parents. I decided that the lift is up to par and the price is right. I was going to order it this week, but realized that I need to make space in my shop to assemble the lift. This means I have to finish a couple projects, namely the power tool cabinets, the assembly of my tractor, and get the John deer tractor fixed as it suddenly has decided to have an electrical problem and not start.