Still mired...

Sorry, no new pics. Still mired in plumbing issues. Got my mom's pluming rearranged, but didn't get the softener and iron filter installed yet. I haven't even started installing the softener and iron filter at my place yet. I did experiment last weekend with removing old pegs from a timber. I drilled the center of the peg and instalalled a 1/4 inch timberloc screw. I then tried a slide hammer on the screw to bang it out. It works, but not all that well. I then tried with a curved pry bar and block of oak to rest it one. It give a big lever arm and works well, however you have to keep raising the blocking to gain additional travel on the pry bar. I also sketched up a puller tool to use with an impact wrench. I wonder if I will ever find time to make it? I need to get the softeners installed at the two places before I can get back on projects.


House maintenance

The last two weeks I've been mired down in non timberframe related activities. I locked myself out of the house last weekend and had to kick the back door in. It broke the door and didn't hurt the jam that I had reinforced from a previous break in before I lived here. I spent last weekend repairing the door and installing a deadbolt and metal lock covers as well. If I get locked out again I will not be able to kick the door in. I'd have to break a window or something. I also did a few other maintenance activities as well like burning brush, and cleaning in the shop. Then this past wekeend my well pressure tank sprung a few leaks so I had to order a new one and install it this last weekend. It wouldn't have been bad had I not had a leak in the bottom of the tank at the new fitting. I had to redo it 4 times before I got is sealed right. I also had to do a hydrogen peroxide treatment on my water heater. At work I got a group of guys together and we all wanted new water softeners. Together we've learned to test water, research and understand water softeners, rust filters, chlorine injectors etc. I am becoming knowlegeable in water treatment in the home. I still haven't finished enough in the shop to make room for the new auto lift. This week I will be working on project after work to try to catch up. I need to finish assembling the 55 Ford tractor, prune trees and grape vines, and try to get more done on my power tool cabinets and build two more smaller ones that I've started. I promise pics with next update.