For the last 3 months I've been bogged down with many small maintenance and repair jobs so I haven't had anything really noteworthy for the blog. I've repainted and finished caulking the basement windows on the house, cleaned the glass and getting some new ones made. I've completed some jobs for my mom - new brackets for canopy bed to lower the matress height, new brakets for a picture window shade, Net frames to keep leaves out of her koi pond. I've installed the white oak trim which also reinforces the door jam (security measure) at my place but have to make plugs for the screw holes and stain and finish the pieces. Most immediately I need to do 3 repairs to my car, and get the mower off the tractor and get the snow blade on. I also need to start fixing my truck which is totally down now with a fuel, timing, or vacuum issue that I haven't trouble shot yet. When oh when will I get started on timberframing?!