Pole Barn Rennovation

For the last month, my cousin and I have been rennovating the end of my shop polebarn. The end of this barn used to be used for cows, but we haven't had cows in probably 10 years now. It was open and I am enclosing it and insulating and heating it for heated storage. This will free up a bunch of my crowded shop space and give me room to be able to timberframe in the winter in my heated shop. You may notice that the new storage area has an epoxy floor. I have wanted to try out Rustoleum's garage floor epoxy system and this was a good opportunity. The concrete was in excellent condition and didn't have any oil due to it's past use. We've had a pretty cool summer here on the farm, except for the last week which has been quite warm. I lose my cousin as he goes back to school this week, so I'm going to have to install the overhead doors, ceiling joists and sheetmetal, insulation, lights and heater myself :(. Here are some before and during pics.