Getting my head above water finally!

I'm no longer feeling so mired. Two weeks ago I installed the new softener and iron filter as well as a new well pressure switch, at my mom's place. I also upped the pipe size through all this equipment to 1 inch to reduce any flow restriction. It transitions to 3/4 inch as it exits to all the runs above. I spent a lot of time researching softeners and understanding how to size them and what equipment to buy, and looking for a good price. 4 of my co-workers and I did all of ours at the same time to get a savings on equipment and support eachother.

I've also finished up a bunch of small tasks like pruning of trees, burning the waste, woodworking some brackets and a hanger rod for a closet in my mom's house, Urethaning a bunch of plywood pieces that sit on furnature moving dollies, also some tool handles and making wood saw covers for all of my and my mom's hand saws. Yesterday I did a bunch of clean up in the shop and I feel like I am making good progress. I think by about the beginning of June I will buy the second auto storage lift I need. Next major tasks - install water softener and iron filter in the farmhouse I'm living in, prep the mower deck and mowing tractor for mowing, build a framework on my welder cart to accomodate my small mig welder on top of the TIG to save more floorspace.