Still mired...

Sorry, no new pics. Still mired in plumbing issues. Got my mom's pluming rearranged, but didn't get the softener and iron filter installed yet. I haven't even started installing the softener and iron filter at my place yet. I did experiment last weekend with removing old pegs from a timber. I drilled the center of the peg and instalalled a 1/4 inch timberloc screw. I then tried a slide hammer on the screw to bang it out. It works, but not all that well. I then tried with a curved pry bar and block of oak to rest it one. It give a big lever arm and works well, however you have to keep raising the blocking to gain additional travel on the pry bar. I also sketched up a puller tool to use with an impact wrench. I wonder if I will ever find time to make it? I need to get the softeners installed at the two places before I can get back on projects.

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