Timberframe Workshop #2

Last week I went out to Idaho for a weeklong timberframing workshop. This was my second timberframe workshop. This one taught square rule layout (my last class taught mill rule). Snap line square rule was also demonstrated, as well as French scribe, which I now understand. This will allow me to work with bowed timber, or twisted timber and make all the joints meet up nice and tight. The weather was in the 70's during the day, and down to lower 50's at night. The landscape could not have been more beautiful. Such huge trees there as well, nothing like Illinois. The instructor, Collin Beggs Timber Frames, was awesome. He is a good teacher and really knows his stuff. In 6 days, the 8 students of the class, most first timers, built this 12'x18' 2 story Doug Fir frame, which was actually bought by one of the students. It could be a cabin, a master bedroom addition, or part of a larger frame. I am now confident I have the knowledge and enough experience to build my house and workshop frame. Now to get a design finished so I can start...

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