Second system installed

Well last weekend (actually by Tuesday night) , I finally finished the installation of the iron filter and water softener at my place in the farmhouse. I replaced all the incoming piping which was PVC, which exits to various spigots or shop buildings on the farm, as well as to the well tank and now to the iron filter. Again I upped the pipe size to 1 inch all the way up to where it runs to the rest of the house. Several threaded and union connections gave me a hard time leaking and I worked on them until they were leak free. I had to replace one union(that I got from Ace hardware) with another Menards one like the rest are. I found that the best way to prevent a threaded connection leak was to wrap it three times with 3/4" PTFE tape and maybe add a little PTFE paste to the first few threads. Here are some pics:

In the morning I will prep the mower and mow. (I've been sick the last couple days and unable to think about doing it). It really needs it as it's starting to look like a hillbilly joint with all the dandelions. The rest of the weekend I can dedicate to more small cleanup projects like the addition to my welder cart to make more floor space etc.

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