Update on summer projects...

Ok, I was way overdue for an update. I have been working on projects all summer. In the last two months my cousin Mike K. has been working with me. What a great help he has been! I would be so far bogged down if it weren' t his help. He picks up things quickly and thinks about what he's doing. We've managed to rebuild the farmhouse stormdoor and it's frame, paint it all, he's painted all the window ledges. We've caulked all the house windows (remoing the old caulk was the hard part, but finally found the best method was heating a putty knife with a propane torch). We then caulked all the soffit trim, and now are caulking the basement windows. We also installed a new water heater last weekend. I've also got the tractor ready to start, but am not getting spark at the plugs so I'm going to trouble shoot that.

This last weekend I received the second car storage lift. We unpacked it on Saturday morning and dissassembled everything in preparation to repaint it. It came powder coated black, but I want things like this bright white in my shop to help with lighting. We had to sand every face of the lift parts, prime them and paint them. In two days we will start reassembling the lift. That should be enough drying time. Here are some pics of the process:

My next post will show the assembled lift.

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