Lift finished!

We finished the lift last night and I'm really glad I painted it white! It's much brighter and reflects light better. I'll paint the other one someday when I move shops and dissassemble it. As you can see we finished it outside and lowered it on the caster wheels and then wheeled it in the shop, made some adjustments and pulled my 62 Impala on it. The one GTO body shell went on the bottom for now, but when winter comes, I'll put my 55 chevy under there and the shell out in the barn, which I plan to close in, insulate and heat next.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brad, it's Hector from Bosch.
Nice job on your lift, congrats on completing it!

Check out this car collection i came across, i'm sure you'll like it!
Here's the link:

Enjoy, and hope all else is well!

Anonymous said...

I think that black is better than white.