It's been pretty busy since my last post, but not a ton to show for it. I have made more progress on my barn renovation. You can see in the photo above that working by yourself, you have to be resourceful. I rigged up an A-frame and a rope to pull up the door framed wall section. It was quite tricky as the bottom had to be slid outside past the door way to clear the inside rafter truss. The bottom was kept from sliding out with anchored chains. Then I had to slide the bottom back inside a bit at a time. Since then I finished the outside sheathing in OSB, housewrapped the whole thing, and installed treated nailers for the sheetmetal. Lastly I filled betwenen the nailers with rigid foam to fill the spaces. I'll add a new post with that pic shortly after this one. I've started to put some of the sheetmetal on, but I'm stuck right now waiting for the door trim to be fabricated, which has to go on before the remaining sheetmetal.
Also, On Aug.22nd I helped with a barn raising in Wisconsin. Craig Roost was in charge of this project(big guy in the bottom photo). It was a hardworking, but enjoying and satisfying day. I was one of the few there with timber experience, but there were a lot of guys working hard and the comradery was a good time.

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brad great pics and I would agree that Rooster is a big man. I had a great time at Craig's class and loved the glass and sandpaper sharpening system you showed us. And these complments from a flam-in liberal! Mike Ratkowski