Here are some updated pics from this past week of my barn renovation. I had a bad cold that kept me at 50 percent power for a week and a half, but finally got back to work on it this last week. As you can see since last time I had finished housewrapping, and applying the nailer boards and infilling with 3/4 inch foam to fill the voids between. Now I have the original sheetmetal back on(my friend Ryan helped me get that up), and I reused some old used sheetmetal that was from one of the other pole barns. Luckily I had just enough to fill in what I needed. New sheet metal would have cost about $900. They charge a premium, I think because they know you can't get the same interlocking pattern anywhere else. That's why I opted to reuse old stuff that was left over from a repair long ago. I didn't want to spend $900! It's orange and one piece is beige. I plan to paint the sheet metal maroon next spring when it's warm enough, to match the rest of the building.

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