Beech beams

Here's a quick pic of the Beech beams I got from Amish John in Southeast Indiana a few weeks ago. They are pretty beefy. Top two are 16 footers, the rest (14) are 12 footers.

This weekend I cut the parts for Timber Cribbing ponies(on my new 1953 Delta unisaw), which I plan to assemble during the next week. I also went and looked at a barn that I could potentially help dismantle in exchange for the beams, but the largest are only 6X6 and it's all pine. I don't think it's worth doing, given all I need to focus on, though I thought it was a really neat barn. Besides the Cribbing ponies, this week I am going to buy the materials and begin cutting the parts to build my power tool storage cabinet. Right now I have power tools laying all over my bench and on the floor. I can't stand it. All the new tools need a proper, organized home.

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lazyfarmer said...

Hey Brad, Hope your feeling better,sucks to be sick during the holidays. Lift looks good, glad to see ya got it working. keep up the blog, Its great to follow your progress!! Jason