Got through the holidays..

Well the holidays were stressful with all that needed to be done. We prepared the family party for 41 people and it all went well. I ate too much! I got a cold right after Christmas day, probably from stress and physical fatigue. So I lost a few of my vacation days to laying on the couch. It was not cool as I already felt like crap from not being able to work in my shop for almost 2 months. It was just one thing after another... I changed jobs and visited relatives for a few days while between jobs. I had to start preparing for Thanksgiving a few weekends prior. I did go get the Indiana timbers one weekend. Then it was time to prepare to Christmas.

So, I'm finally recovered. I fixed the plumbing problems in the farm house finally- got rid of the odor in the hot water with a bleach treatment to the water heater and a good flush. I somehow got the water softener working again. I got the new(used) dishwasher installed, and took care of some other cleaning and putting away of things in the house, plus all the holiday reciept paperwork is done now.

The last two days I have worked in my shop. I jockeyed all the cars around and used the forklift to move my new(used) car storage lift into the shop and I mounted the caster kit I bought on ebay. It took half a day to install plus finish reassembling and prepping the lift. One pulley needed to be removed and cleaned/blasted/lubed and reassembled. Well here's my lift with the cars stored. Now I need a second lift.

My next plans are:

1. Close in end of the barn/shop that used to be used for animals. Install overhead doors, and extend alarm system. This way I can store more in there.

2. Buy a second lift to make more shop space.

3. Finish assembling 1955 ford tractor restoration (4 days work?). and move it into the paint booth or into the end of barn.

4. Draw up timberframe plans for the shop and start to solidify dimensions. Find Illinois liscened Engineer that can stamp plans. Produce final prints and get stamped off.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Brad,

It is nice to visit your blog. Don't spend all your time timberframing, otherwise you don't have time to find someone to share with you.


Jody said...

Hi Brad--I was reading Joe's e-mail (allowed, since I'm his wife) and came across your blog. Looks great, and thanks for everything you do for the family around the holidays. We enjoyed seeing you, and will enjoy your updates on the blog--Jody West