Cribbing Ponies

This weekend I managed to build my cribbing ponies. Cribbing ponies are little stool like saw horses used to support each end of a cribbing timber. With a parallel pair of cribbing timbers set up on the ponies, a multiple number of timbers are laid across the cribbing timbers to work on them, adding mortises and tennons. I didn't have time to build my two power tool cabinets, so look for those in an upcoming post next week or so.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brad, I was in the same class as you were with steve chapell. I too am in the process of building my own TF. I am building my cribbing ponies this weekend and expect my first load of timbers in the next couple of week.

this is the second time back on your blog so i thought i would comment.
tom j